Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Papers and Stuffs

Ok. So yesterday was a holiday, which means I cannot do anything unless sleeping and eating, basically. So there was a dinner invitation from my friend, and we ate the best duck noodle in town. And then we go to a place called MuseumsQuartier, which is the quarters of several big museums. But don’t think that it’s the kind of boring-museum-stuffs. It is actually a great and popular place to hang out, with great restaurant serving good selections of wine.

Today I was quite sure of what to do, since my friend told me where to go to process my state-registration and bank account. After the two are done, I can’t wait to turn my blackberry service on. I am dying to talk to my boyfriend! So I queued, talked with the service guy at Orange provider, and doing this and that and sign everywhere, suddenly he stopped. “I am sorry, your visa needs to be longer than six months.” Then he tore the papers, as to add more drama to it. (Wtf??)

I was quite confused, since I cannot do many things without any number. I thought I am going to another provider, but then it occured to me, that guy thinks I am only interested in Blackberry service. I am supposed to get a number even without the service. So I went to Orange again and ask for a number. That being done, I went to the Westbahnhof (West Station), which is like my ultimate place to find free wifi. Fortunately my WhatsApp works, so I ask my friends about the visa. So, after the registration at MA 15 (Anmeldung) and opening a bank account, I also have to process insurance at WGKK (it’s quite far) and then do another registration at MA 35 to have my student visa.

Enough with the boring paperwork. I am going to continue these stuffs tomorrow. The most important thing for me now is to deal with my study schedule, which I have not get, and get the clear information about how the hell am I going to begin studying at the end of a semester. So I decided to go home, have lunch, and wait for the secretariat to open.

Oh, one funny thing. So my room is in an apartment consists of 5 girls. One of them is the head of the house, who has been telling me all the rules (and managed to have a new rule everytime I pass her by). Another one beside my room is a cute Vietnamese girl. She cannot speak English, and cannot speak German. Right. So she brings her iPhone and communicate with Google Translate all the time. But she has been so nice, she asked me if I need anything, she is willing to help, because it was really hard for her the first time. Today she’s going to IKEA and ask me if I need to buy something and want to go together. I cannot, but then she gave me her internet-USB so I can use her internet while she was away. Great, isn’t it? Well....not really. Because I ask for the pin number and she gave me the wrong one, and now she’s away. And my stupid-self forgot to ask for her phone number, so I have this powerful internet device beside me and not being able to use it. Okaaaay. But I think these days with her would be so interesting.

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