Monday, July 30, 2012


It's been a while...

Terlalu banyak yang harus diceritakan, terlalu banyak yang harus dilakukan...
But I'll try. :)

Seperti yang sudah saya ceritakan di post sebelumnya, perjalanan ke Eropa kali ini adalah "a closing of a chapter". Whatever the result is, I just want a dream to meet its answer.
As most of my life is, the journey is fulfilled with drama...

Setelah sekitar 14 jam perjalanan pesawat, plus penantian 4 jam di stasiun, saya naik kereta dari Vienna menuju Freiburg, Jerman.

Anyhow, long story short, i tried my best doing the audition in Freiburg.
Unfortunately, I failed. I know it wasn't good enough, but I was actually glad I tried.
Setelah seharian duduk nangis di bawah pohon, I decided to move on. I still have 2 more auditions to go; in Vienna and in Trossingen. If Freiburg is not the place for me, I should get over it soon.

Feeling a bit heartbroken, I took the train to Vienna and meet a well-known teacher immediately.
It was fast, it was fun, and the next thing I know...I AM ACCEPTED IN VIENNA CONSERVATORY.


after everything I have been through, it pays off.
But do I have all the reasons to be happy?
Not really.

You see, I do not have the money to be enrolled yet.
Jadi sekarang pilihannya adalah untuk mendapat beasiswa, sponsorship...atau...
Give it up.

We'll see.