Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Week in Vienna

So here I am.
I am finally sitting in a room above the music conservatory where I study, making myself comfortable considering I will stay here for a few months. Fortunately this is a holiday, so I can just sit and plan what I am going to do for the rest of the week. I still have to deal with the State Office, the bank, the insurance, and of course with the Conservatory. The first month would absolutely be the craziest month of all, I am sure. Because I have to deal with so much, not yet familiar with the streets and the U-Bahn, not yet good German. I am so thankful that the many people here can and want to speak English.

So after spending 2 nights of great fun in Dubai, with excessed baggage, I managed to escape paying for the baggage and flew to Vienna. The flight was delayed, but thankfully I arrived exactly on 5 PM, as I promised the person who got the key. After the exhausting stairs (while bringing my 33kgs of luggage plus a backpack), talked to a girl who apparently is the student head of the house, I got the key, and thankfully the person informed me that I got a single room. So I don’t have to share the room with someone I don’t know! Ok. The room was small but nice enough, 2x4 maybe, with a bed without pillow or sheet whatsoever, it has a long table, several chairs, and a shoe cupboard. No cupboard.

This apartment is actually a temporary apartment. The person said I can use it longer than 3 months, but I guess I am not going to stay here more than 3 months. There is no internet, no washing machine, though I kinda like the place and surely the location being the top of the conservatory is great. I can buy internet card for laptop, but there’s no way I can live washing my clothes by hand everyday. And for this kind of facility, it is quite expensive. The good thing is, I got the single room. I don’t have to share the room with a stranger, and it gives me some sort of peace. Well, I can cry anytime I want to. :p

It’s only the second day. I still miss my boyfriend an awful lot. I can’t wait for him to come here next month after his trip to Netherland. My friends back home gave me a USB contains a love-letter, wishing me for the best and all. I have my mom’s envelope with her wish written on it.

I am so thankful! So many people supporting me with any way they can. They really believe in me, they are really sure that I can be great. It is something I would keep in mind whenever I try to doubt myself. The road is steeple just because it’s going up. Ah, I would let the melancholy hits me for a while...I don’t think it would be this hard when I begin my study, make know, just really live here. I want to live here, not being here leaving my life in Jakarta. 

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